Venice Carnival Masked Balls

We are the only UK Company to offer such a range of breaks giving unique access to various Venice Carnival Events including the Masked Balls. These breaks have been specifically designed for you to enjoy Venice Carnival at a budget that suits you.

You can attend Venice Masked Balls, take tutored traditional dancing and Promenade in historical costume in St Mark’s Square.

For pure indulgence it does not get better than these Venice Carnival breaks!

Mascheranda Masked Ball at Venice Carnival Entertainment at Mascheranda Ball in Venice

Photo copyrighted by C.C.I.
Treat yourself to this luxurious Venice Carnival Ball in this 3 night break, including attending the Mascheranda Ball in historical costume with Costume Fitting and learn how to dance Cotillion Style!
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Il Ballo Del Doge Ball at Venice Carnival
Attend the World Famous Il Ballo del Doge; where you will mingle with celebrities in your Historical Costume. Also includes Gourmet Tasting Dinner at The Met Restaurant prepared by your Michelin Star Chef.
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Tiepolo Venetian Masquerade Ball At the Tiepolo Ball at Venice Carnival
Attending the traditional Venetian masked Tiepolo Ball at Carnival in the city of romance, historical costume hire, Gourmet tasting dinner and staying in a central 4 star hotel also included.
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Venice Carnival Taster Break Cotillon Dancing in Venice, Italy

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2 night break sampling the Venice Carnival. Includes enjoying tine to promenade in historical costume and Cotillon Dancing like the nobles.
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The best of ....Il Ballo Del Doge Ball at Venice Carnival Best of...Il Ballo del Doge in Venice, Italy

Photo Copyrighted to Best of...Il Ballo del Doge
3 night break attending the opening masked ball of the Carnival season. Best of…Il Ballo del Doge encompasses sets from the past 21 years of Il Ballo del Doge.
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The Venice Carnival season runs from early to mid February in 2015.

Deciding which Ball to Attend
We offer you the choice of 5 Venice Carnival short breaks:

Il Ballo del Doge (12 - 15 Feb) – Highly prestigious and most famous of the Venetian balls, it offers VIP level and status, based around one theme with stunning entertainment to watch. You might even be rubbing shoulders with celebrities! The theme for 2015 is “Cupid in Wonderland” which falling on Valentine’s Day, cannot fail to be the ball for lovers!

Best of…Il Ballo del Doge (5 – 8 Feb) – Focusing on a selection of previous themes from past Il Ballo del Doge balls.

Mascheranda Ball (13 – 16 Feb) - For those wanting a more informal “party” ball, this is the one for you: be prepared to vote for the best Casanova and his Lady, and expect lots of fun and laughter at this historical ball.

Tiepolo Ball (11 – 13 Feb) – This delightful ball is the one which features the most traditional dancing, and is for those who want to learn some of the original dances from the late 18th century.

Taster Break (09 – 11 / 13 – 15 Feb) – This ball is for those wanting to sample some of the main activities of Venice Carnival but without the high cost.

Venice Carnival started in 1162 when the Venetians celebrated their victory against the Patriarch of Aquileia, Ulrico di Treven. It has since become more elaborate with decorative masks and costumes in Venice. Carnival takes place yearly, forty days before Shrove Tuesday (Easter) and concludes with Lent.

The whole atmosphere in Venice at this time of year is magically evocative as everyone is dressed to the nines in their historical costumes and finery. As well as the build up to the various Venice Carnival balls, there are also other themed activities including Cotillon Dancing, Promenading in historical costume and a Gourmet Tasting Dinner prepared by the Michelin Star Chef at Hotel Metropole. These events give you a chance to really show off your truly exquisite costumes prepared by the finest Atelier’s in Venice.

The Atelier’s are the Venetian costumers who make you look and feel amazing as they dress you in all your finery in your historical costumes, which is these hallmark of this special events. This is an absolute must as you will not be allowed entrance unless you look the part!

Palazzo Pisani Moretta is the palace where the main four Venice Carnival balls takes place. On the first floor are the stunning, original Noble Rooms which feature frescoes in some of the rooms.

For those who are looking for a more cost effective way to enjoy Venice Carnival, you may wish to consider the Taster Break. For the Taster Break, the venue is the 5 star centrally located Hotel Danieli. Charles Dickens was a famous customer who enjoyed his stay in this beautiful hotel.

It is so important to have a good, centrally located hotel in Venice. Carnival is a very popular time on the island, and as such we have allocation with two of our favourites; Hotel Bonvecchiati and Hotel Metropole.

Hotel Bonvecchiati is a four star hotel located just 3 minutes from St Mark’s Square. It has a refined elegance and its own water landing for gondolas and watertaxis. It first opened its doors in 1790. For the next Carnival they are hosting their own Venice Carnival Valentine’s dinner at their hotel.

Hotel Metropole is a five star hotel just along from Hotel Danieli, overlooking the lagoon, with views over San Giorgio Island. It feels like this hotel was made for the Venice Carnival, as despite having various incarnations since being built in 1800, including being a war time hospital, the hotel is decoratively themed with its own museum pieces and Venetian opulence. There are candles, perfumes and incenses to create the evocative setting. The Met Restaurant, housed within the hotel has its own Michelin Star Chef who creates a mouth-watering gourmet tasting meal for you to sample.
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