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Why Book an Italian Short Break with us?

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By | Blog, Verona Opera, Venice Carnival, Palio, Rome, Amalfi Coast, Milan, Venice, Florence | Posted 20 Oct 2015

Why Book an Italian Short Break with us?

There is so much choice out there for booking your Italian short break, so how do you choose? Well, there are three main options; you can book this yourself, go with a travel agent, or use a tour operator.

The first choice is laden with problems; do you know the best the region has to offer and can you book everything easily yourself? We have had clients try this themselves and found what should have been a fun holiday, has actually been fraught with problems and led to frustrations. For example, if visiting the Accademia Gallery in Florence to see Michelangelo’s David, is something important to you, arriving into Florence without this booked in, is sure to lead to disappointment, or at best lengthy queues. Another problem is if you want to explore several cities, how is this done?

This might lead you to Option 2; using a travel agent to book your Italian short break. So the stress levels have reduced, however, you now often have to travel on set departure dates, in a group, by bus and have quite a whirlwind of cities which might be along the lines of six in eight days. There are negatives also to this option; you might be celebrating a special occasion in which case you don’t want to be part of a group, and also how much of these six cities can you actually see in such a short time frame?

So, Option 3; you now can choose when you go away, but which tour operator do you choose? At Weekend a la Carte – Italian Short Breaks, special occasions are our main focus and we aim to keep you away from the bus crowds at all costs. We cater to all different interests including romance in Venice –the Carnival, sunset gondola rides, island tours, Verona – opera in the open-air arena, The Venice Simplon Orient Express for luxury and opulence back to the Roaring Twenties era, Siena – a wide array of viewing positions to witness the thrill of the historical Palio horse race, and many more.

Furthermore, because we are event driven we make sure not only do you get to see these once in a lifetime events, but you also get to do it in style. This includes Super VIP tickets at Il Ballo del Doge – the most prestigious ball that the celebrities can attend, the best seats at the opera, visibility of the whole track on the Palio horse race. We always try to balance the trip so you have some time at leisure, and where activities are included we provide private, local guides who have a wealth of knowledge on the subject. Of course, there are times when you want the build up to an event and this can only work in a group, so at these times our group sizes are very small and in the single figures. In regards to travelling to more than one city, we know how! We either arrange first class train travel for you, or if the budget permits, private transfers door to door.

Another great benefit is we are very flexible! As long as the flights and hotels are available, we can

tailor-make your break to suit you, whilst also advising you on the best way to make the most of your time. Our website shows you an example of what we can do, however, if there is something on the itinerary that you are not so keen on; we can take it out and reduce the cost of the trip.

With on average around 2hrs flight time from the UK, Italy is perfect for an Italian short break, and as many of our clients know, when you find a good tour operator as well, you have a reason to return!

Il Ballo del Doge, Venice Carnival, Italy Photo copyrighted to Il Ballo del Doge

The Venice Simplon Orient Express Train

The open air opera arena in Verona, Italy Photo Courtesy of Fondazione Arena di Verona

The thrilling Palio Race in Siena, Italy Photo copyrighted to Chrys Tremththanmor



About Hannah Netting

Hannah has had the travel bug from an early age where she was fortunate enough to travel widely, including a four month trip around the world. For her experiencing new cultures, sights and wonders was very important.

Lately her focus has been heavily on Italy enhanced by many wonderful trips including Verona, Venice, Top to Toe, Florence, amongst many others. In Venice she got lost in true Venetian style and got to experience the amazing acoustics of the Verona Arena. Currently Florence is her favourite, but this can always change! With plenty on offer in Italy, it will keep her entertained for many more trips to come!

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