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Which Viewing Position for your Siena Palio Holiday

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By | Blog, Palio | Posted 01 Sep 2015

Which Viewing Position for your Siena Palio Holiday

Sometimes in life there is too much choice and at the end of a long day, deciding which is the best for you can be difficult. The main question we get asked by people booking our Siena Palio holiday, is where is the best position to view the historical horse race?

There are several main options to consider. The first is the grandstand seating. This is fantastic for being near to the action, and the preferred viewing position of the local Sienese, which seeing as a great deal of money changes hands based on this race, shows you how important their choice for where to sit is! You sit on benches very near to the track. It is worth noting that initially you will feel like you have the area to yourself as the locals arrive just before the main event.

The next position is on a balcony. These are normally from one floor above the ground, and use of a bathroom along with drinks can usually be purchased. If you choose to enjoy the Palio from a private balcony however, this can add quite a bit extra to the card!

The final choice is from a window. These are quieter than the balconies and whilst you must stand for the race itself, you have plenty of time before and after to sit and relax. Refreshments are nearby and you don’t have to worry about being outside in the sun for several hours.

Once you have chosen from the three above, you next need to think about where on the square you want to be situated. As the race begins and ends at the Mossa, having a good view of this is absolutely essential! We have been fortunate to be given use of a new grandstand position between the Casato Bend and the Mossa. The Casato bend is where most of the action takes place on the race, and often decides which contrada (district) wins the race. This area is also in the shade, which as you are likely to be there for several hours enjoying the parade beforehand, is a must.

Hopefully this should make your choice for where to sit on your Siena Palio holiday, a great deal easier to decide!


Siena Campo where the Palio takes place, Italy

View of the Mossa (start and finish) of the Siena Palio horse race, Italy

View from Mossa Casato Grandstand, Siena, Italy

View from Mossa Casato Grandstand, Siena, Italy


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