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What to do this summer on your Venice break

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By | Blog, Venice | Posted 09 Jun 2015

What to do this summer on your Venice break

There are always plenty of events going on in Venice and the summer season is no exception! Whether you are booking your Venice break around a set event, or need to be aware of when they are happening in terms of the crowds and/or availability, it is worth being aware of when they take place.

The first one to be aware of is the Redentore Festival. This takes place on the 19 – 20 July 2015. This is when the Venetians take to their boats to be at the best vantage point to witness the firework display. The boats have lanterns as adornments and the locals enjoy a picnic onboard. The festival celebrates the end of the 1576 plague, when the present Doge pledged a new church (Il Redentore) if the plague ended. The church has a special ceremony in honour of this.

The other main summer event is the Venice Grand Canal Regatta. This happens on the 6 September 2015. Again the Venetians take to their boats, but this time during the day for a race along the Grand Canal to claim first prize. The Regatta is a celebration of the Queen of Cyprus who abdicated to Venice.

Both these events are possible for tourists to watch from the water away from the crowds on land. They will certainly give you an extra special time on your Venice break, along with providing a wonderful story for your friends and family alike!

Venetian Redentore Fireworks in Venice

Historical Regatta in Venice, Italy

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