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Verona Opera Hotel Swimming Pools

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By | Blog, Verona Opera | Posted 25 Feb 2015

Verona Pool Hotels

Having decided that you want to attend the Verona Opera, you need to then look at the best hotels for the heat of the summer months. Whilst you can escape to Lake Garda for the day, the temperatures are at their peak in July and August and can be very humid.

The two main city centre hotels which you should be turning your attention to are Hotel Antica Porta, which is a stylish hotel located just off a side street very near to the Arena. This hotel has a small, indoor pool, fantastic for cooling down after a busy day exploring the sites with your Verona Pass card. 

Hotel Antica Porta was awarded the 2014 Certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor which with so many hotels in the centre, is quite a recommendation! The hotel also has a gym, massage and wellness centre for unwinding at the end of the day. 

 Alternatively if you want something a bit bigger, Hotel San Marco has two pools; one inside and one full size pool outside. The location is slightly further out at approximately 15mins walk to the centre. For your opera evening(s) there is a complimentary shuttle service direct from the hotel to the Arena making sure you arrive on time. 

Hotel San Marco has an 800 square metre fitness centre, along with a UVA solarium fitted with Sportarredo technology, which guarantees the proportion of tanning lamps. The hotel is equipped with a Jacuzzi, Spa, Turkish bath and sauna. In summer there is also the option of relaxing in the garden.
Antica Porta Hotel Pool in Verona
San Marco Hotel Pool in Verona

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