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Verona Opera Holiday Schedule 2016

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By | Blog, Verona Opera | Posted 26 Aug 2015

Verona Opera Holiday Schedule 2016

We have just received the schedule for the Verona Opera 2016, and it looks like a good one! If you are thinking about a Verona opera holiday, then this is hard to beat.

Verona is a small town around one hour from Venice, and very close to Lake Garda, which makes the city perfect for a few days of sightseeing and taking in the opera. It is also the city for lovers as Shakespeare set Romeo & Juliet here. There are signs of this everywhere including Juliet’s House and balcony.

However, Verona’s main attraction is the impressive open-air Roman arena built in 79AD, which every summer houses some of the most popular operas on offer. Aida is a firm staple of the season with the bulk of the performances; however, for 2016 we are pleased to see that Carmen is returning! If these two choices are not enough, there is also La Traviata, Il Trovatore and Turandot to complete the mix, which is perfect for any Verdi fan!

The break that we recommend takes in one night at the opera, (however, schedule and availability permitting you can see as many operas as you want!) with Gold Central Stall tickets. These are the best in the house seats with a cushion in the centre, near the front of the arena. There are even set rows where once seated, you are free to stretch your legs out in front, and also means you will be one of the first up for a very welcomed drink at the interval!

During the day we provide a complimentary Verona Pass Card which gives you free access to the Arena during the day, the Castle, National History Museum, cathedral, both churches and Juliet’s House, amongst others. I would personally recommend most of these sights but particularly the castle and museum – you need to allow half a day for these two attractions.

Don’t forget as well, if you want to be away for longer, you can extend your Verona opera holiday to include Lake Garda, Venice, Milan or Florence – all are nearby and promise wonderful experiences!

For more information on the Verona Opera – http://www.italian-short-breaks.co.uk/verona-opera-holidays.php

For more information on breaks we recommend including the Verona Opera -http://www.italian-short-breaks.co.uk/verona-opera.php


The Verona Opera Arena in Italy Courtesy of Fondazione Arena di Verona

Aida Performance at the open-air arena in Verona Courtesy of Fondazione Arena di Verona

Turandot Performance at the opera arena in Verona Courtesy of Fondazione Arena di Verona

Seating plan for the arena in Verona Courtesy of Fondazione Arena di Verona


About Hannah Netting

Hannah has had the travel bug from an early age where she was fortunate enough to travel widely, including a four month trip around the world. For her experiencing new cultures, sights and wonders was very important.

Lately her focus has been heavily on Italy enhanced by many wonderful trips including Verona, Venice, Top to Toe, Florence, amongst many others. In Venice she got lost in true Venetian style and got to experience the amazing acoustics of the Verona Arena. Currently Florence is her favourite, but this can always change! With plenty on offer in Italy, it will keep her entertained for many more trips to come!

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