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Top 10 Free Things to do on your Rome Holiday

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By | Blog, Rome | Posted 01 Dec 2015

Top 10 Free Things to do on your Rome Holiday

Having arrived in Rome, you want to make the most of your time, however, the cost for doing activities on the day, can really add up. Throw in a few lunches and dinners and your Rome holiday trip weekend can suddenly become very expensive. To balance that here are 10 things which you can do which won’t have you reaching for your wallet.

1.     While visiting the Pantheon, don’t forget to look Heavenwards! The Pantheon contains the largest concrete dome built to     date which does not have reinforcements keeping it in place.

2.     Spend some time relaxing at Piazza Navona. Expect to see street entertainers here on a daily basis, which can include artists and tourists, all performing around the scenic palace and beautiful fountains.

3.     The Spanish Steps are a brilliant way to people-watch. These steps are where you will see many tourists, however, will you partake in the popular pursuit of walking up and down the steps in the hope of attracting an artist’s eye? This was very popular for the ladies in the 1800s!

4.     The Trevi Fountain is on every tourist to Rome’s “must do” list. The coins that are thrown into the fountain regularly totals €3,000 daily! The saying goes, throw one coin from your right hand over your left shoulder and you will return to Rome, throw two coins and you will have a new romance, throw three and you will get married. I don’t know what four coins represent on this legend, but it is bound to be good!!

5.     Visit Villa Borghese, Rome’s main park. Enjoy a tranquil setting combined with some unmissable museums.

6.     In the evening head to Trastevere where the tourists and the locals mingle for the nightlife. Trastevere benefits from having picturesque roads and squares.

7.     If you have a love for Keats and Shelley, visiting Rome’s non-Catholic Cemetery, Cimitero Acattolico, is worth a visit. This is a great place for escaping the crowds of tourists.

8.     If you have any room left on your camera’s memory card, then a walk to Priorato dei Cavalieri di Malta is recommended. If you look through the keyhole you will see St Peter’s dome expertly framed and postcard-ready!

9.     If one Roman arena - the Colosseum, is not enough for you head to Archeologica del Teatro di Marcello where you will see a second, identical arena. This arena dominates the area, so hard to miss!

10.  If you want to explore a crime scene, walk to Area Sacra on Largo di Torre Argentina. This site is where current investigators believe Julius Caesar was murdered. Sure to be a historical spot!

If you want to experience some of the main sites for free, don’t forget that the first Sunday of the month is free access to the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatina, Vatican Museums and the state museums. For those wanting to meet the Pope, Wednesday morning’s (subject to the Pope’s diary) is a good possibility.

The above are only a few options, there are of course quite a range meaning there is always something new for the first timer or the connoisseur to visit on their Rome holiday.

St Peter's Basilica, Vatican City

The Pantheon in Rome

Villa Borghese in Rome

Trevi Fountain in Rome



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