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Dining in Siena during Il Palio

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By Abigail | Palio | Posted 15 May 2012

We have previously written about the Palio, and the factors to consider when booking a Palio position, This time we thought we would give you some ideas as to where to eat in SIena. We would recommend you reserve a table at any of them as it can get very busy during the Siena Palio!



The restaurant is sits near the Cathedral and the Piazza Del Campo. The Ancient Etruscan rooms that are cut out of the 'tuff', the soft volcanic rock on which Siena is built, create a unique atmosphere for an evening which will not be forgotten. 

The prices are reasonable with starters averaging €8 and main courses starting at €20.

Reservations made by email osteriadivo@hotmail.com or by telephone on +39 0577 286054



Situated in the heart of the historic centre of Siena, the restaurant is only a short walk from the ‘Piazza del Campo’.

La Taverna Di San Giuseppe has a hand-sculpted wine cellar which holds over 500 different labels.

The prices are reasonable with starters averaging €10 and main courses starting at €20.

Book by telephone on +39 0577 42286 or email ristorante@tavernasangiuseppe.it



With many customers of this family run restaurant describing it as the best meal of their life, it is understandable why the set menu does not come cheap. Usually costing around €70 per head excluding wine, the intimate and welcoming atmosphere of the restaurant is well worth the cost.

An evening at this restaurant is likely to last for two or three hours, so choose a night when you can sit down, relax, and enjoy a delicious meal without the pressure of time.

Book by telephone on +39 0577 287545 or email caneegatto@hotmail.com


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