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Circumvesuviana Train - Sorrento Holiday

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By | Blog, Amalfi Coast | Posted 19 May 2015

Circumvesuviana Train- Sorrento Holiday

If you have booked this year to go on a Sorrento holiday, then the chances are very likely that you will be needing the Circumvesuviana train. This train departs from stations within walking distance of many of the main Sorrento hotels, and goes to Pompeii and Herculaneum - a must visit. The line begins at Naples, so if you want to relax more instead of negotiating hairpin bends and the truly challenging road manner of the Italian drivers, this is worth considering!  For those interested in climbing Mount Vesuvius this train is also ideal.

The Circumvesuviana train is not part of the main Italian rail network, so tickets must be purchased at local stations. Please note these tickets can only be purchased with cash, so you need to be prepared to leave your plastic behind for the day. The entire trip from Naples to Sorrento going via Pompeii and Herculaneum takes just over an hour, and has quite a few stops along the way. With departures every 30 minutes, you won’t have long to wait for a train.

Other stations of note are the Castellammare di Stabia which is where you can take the cable car to Monte Faito for incredible views. It is also worth stopping at Torre Annunziata Station for Oplontis, which is another city covered under ash from Vesuvius, but as well as that is a UNESCO protected site for Villa Poppaea which is rumoured to be where Emperor Nero’s second wife lived.

It is worth noting that these trains are always busy, especially as many people are travelling with their luggage, so you are not guaranteed a seat at all times.

For those travelling from Naples, you will board at Stazione Centrale, just east of the city centre. Whilst Herculaneum has several stations, the nearest is Ercolano Scavi – also good for Mount Vesuvius. There is no such confusion for Pompeii however, as the station keeps the same name, and on alighting the train, the entrance to the archaeological site is only a few yards onwards. Sorrento Station is the main transport hub as many people are departing for hotels, taxis etc.

One thing is for sure – whether using this train for the whole route or part, it is the best way to experience this historical region. Saving on parking fees and spaces is also a must! You are sure to get the most out of your Sorrento holiday!

Circumvesuviana Train in South Italy

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