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Why a Florence City Break?

By: Hannah Netting | Blog, Florence | Posted: 26 Jun 2017


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Italian Short Breaks – New Venice Trips

By: Hannah Netting | Blog, Venice | Posted: 13 Jun 2017


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Italian Short Breaks - The Different Types of Holidays


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My Trip to Verona and all things Italian Short Breaks

Several weeks ago I was able to visit our suppliers in Verona. It was great to look at new products with them, and see what could be done, and improved from our current core breaks. Italy is such a versatile country offering everything from opera, culture and history, along with fantastic cuisine, wine and of course the weather!

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Why Italy? Why Italian Short Breaks?

So you have put the money aside and decided this goes towards your 2017 holiday, but now you have to decide which country is top of your list. Not always an easy decision! So why Italy?


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Top 12 Questions Asked - Verona Opera Holiday

By: Hannah Netting | Blog, Verona Opera | Posted: 21 Dec 2016

For any opera fan, heading to the Arena di Verona for a Verona opera holiday, has to be at the top of your list. Every summer for late June, July and August time this fantastic open-air Roman arena opens its doors to some of the world’s most loved operas.

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When to book your Milan holiday

By: Hannah Netting | Blog, Verona Opera, Milan, Venice | Posted: 08 Dec 2016

Milan is the perfect destination for all year round travel. With La Scala Opera House performing operas most nights of the season (barring late August time), taking in a night at the opera has never been easier!


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New and Improved Sorrento Holiday

By: Hannah Netting | Blog, Amalfi Coast | Posted: 25 Oct 2016

Once in a while a break starts to get a bit tired and needs a bit of TLC. Having visited the Sorrento region and spoken to suppliers, I am pleased to announce our Sorrento holiday trip has now had a re-working and it shows!


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Our New Improved Rome holiday break

By: Hannah Netting | Blog, Rome | Posted: 23 Sep 2016

It has been a while since we have had a look at our Rome break and after meeting with our suppliers, we have now found some fantastic new options! Everyone heads to the main exhibits – the Coliseum and Vatican City, but there is so much more to a Rome holiday then just these two sights.


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Venice Carnival Package - Costumes

By: Hannah Netting | Blog, Venice Carnival | Posted: 08 Sep 2016

Every year Venice is inundated with tourists visiting at the time of the Venice Carnival, however, most of these people are spectators only. To have exclusive access to a masked ball, you have to have the perfect package.


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